Jason Industries is a family-owned plastics manufacturing company that provides manufacturing solutions for companies around the world. We specialize in the automotive after sale market, hose assemblies, and pressurized and aerosol products, and pride ourselves on providing our clients with a full spectrum of manufacturing services. Since 1986, Jason Industries has been providing businesses and individuals make their ideas a reality.

Our talented design and engineering staffs can help you along every step of the manufacturing process — from drafting your ideas into design, all the way to full scale production, and bringing your product to retail shelves around the world.

At Jason Industries we value service first and believe in helping others achieve their goals.

Advancements in Plastics Design
Jason Industries' best selling product, the Hose in Cap, is  specially designed for pressurized canisters, like those associated with aerosol products. The Hose in Cap allows for 100% production automation and also saves on labor costs. The Hose in Cap's compact design reduces shelf space and shipping cost, saving your company on costly handling fees.

Announcing the Swiper Clip
Jason Industries is proud to introduce our newest innovation. If you're tired of hard to clean motor oil all over your hands and clothes, then Swiper Clip can supply you with a cost-effective, simple solution. Simply clip and store a Swiper Clip under the hood for easy and convenient access. Give the dipstick a quick swipe through the wool sponge inside the clip after checking your engine oil. No rags. No paper towels. No mess.